Our Services

Describing what Goya does is simple. We develop databases in FileMaker Pro. We wish there was more to it than that, so we could have this huge website with lots of pages describing all of the details, but it's just FileMaker here.

Custom Software Development

Primarily we develop databases for businesses to better manage their systems and processes. Our expertise is in being able to work with you to develop a workflow of your existing business processes, and then plan and develop a system that fits your individual needs. We look to optimise all of the existing parts of the business process to reduce time and costs, and also use our existing experience to introduce new functionality to get more value from your systems and the data.

For more information have a look at the About FileMaker Pro page to see why we chose this platform, the clients page for some of the things we've worked on before. We have a set of Developer Tools that we have developed that we use in the process. Although if you're interested in our services, these won't be of direct interest to you, we believe that these products give us a definite competitive advantage in being able to do more, be more accurate, and spend less time than other developers to achieve our high standards.

FileMaker Pro Consulting Services

Goya is also available for general FMP consulting to other developers at competitive rates. Whether it's related to any of our products or Articles, or just general programming assistance, we will have the expertise on staff to help.

If you'd like more information about the services we can offer or if we're able to help you with your business, please contact us for details.