The database for your database

  • Have you ever wanted to see a list of all of the layouts in your entire solution?
  • Want to find all of the scripts that do import script steps and print them out?
  • Want to find every button on a layout that's calling a particular script, and list all of the layouts?
  • Want to see every tooltip calculation across all your files?
  • Want to know every place a Global Variable is used in your solution?

These are just a few examples of the sorts of things possible in BaseElements. Everything in your entire solution is imported, everything is cross referenced, and it's all open and accessible for you to search, list, sort, display and relate to every other object. If you have a question about your solution you need answered, BaseElements can answer it.


  • Super-fast imports.
  • Simple, consistent User Interface.
  • Powerful keyboard options.
  • Constantly updated for the latest versions of FileMaker Pro.
  • Sharing enabled for all users.
  • Smart Find.
  • fmSearchResults integration.
  • Errors, Unreferenced and Warnings.
  • And much more...

Testimonials from happy clients

The best utility on the market. I couldn't do without it.
Stan Millar, Bromac Business Services
I continue to be blown away by your product and the information it develops and summarizes so completely.
William Patterson, Buckingham Consultants
The task of doing an overhaul always seemed far too daunting, until I learned about Base Elements. I've been able to accomplish something in two weeks that I've been afraid to try for over 5 years.
Charles Zimmer, Satellite Office Services
Can't live without BaseElements!! Indispensable.
Conrad Mackenzie,
You have a truly amazing product - the best FileMaker analysis tool I have ever tried. Thanks for providing something so helpful.
Mark Anderson, FloristWare
The inclusion of fmSearchResults in BE is brilliant. I've been using BE quite a bit lately on a newly inherited behemoth of a project, and it's so easy to find things even when I don't know all the places they may exist.
Joel Shapiro,
I can't tell you how indispensable this has become in such a short time!
Yvonne Dutreaux, Cord Blood Registry
Since we started using BaseElements we have wondered how we ever got by without such a powerful tool. It saves us an enormous amount of time. We would highly recommend BaseElements to any FileMaker developer. It is extremely well designed and easy to use.
David O'Donnell, Softouch Technologies

So what do I get?

BaseElements is a standard set of FileMaker files, available either as server capable fp7 or fmp12 files or as a standalone runtime application for both Mac and Windows. Both versions have full layout access, including the ability to link to BaseElements Tables from external files and from your own scripts. It also includes our free and Open Source BaseElements plugin with many useful functions for you to add to your own solutions.

In short, there is nothing to stop you getting the most out of your own solutions.

Get the Manual

There is a full HTML and PDF manual for BaseElements, you can browse it online and a PDF is bundled with the product download.

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