BaseElements Plugin

The BaseElements plugin is a free and open source plugin, available to everyone to extend the built in functions of FileMaker Pro.


The BaseElements plugin has functions for file manipulation, dialogs, XSLT operations, clipboard manipulation, performing shell scripts and FileMaker scripts, internal SQL operations, MD5 and SHA hashing and more. A full list of the functions and the details of them is available on the ZenDesk Helpdesk page.


Full versions of the latest final release can always be found at the following links :

Mac Version
Windows 32 bit Version
Windows 64 bit Version

There is a full change log within the source code, and as modifications to functionality are made, these are documented against the function list when each major release is completed.


The plugin requires FileMaker Pro version 11 or later, due to the use of its new SQL API. There is an older version of the plugin ( version 1.1 ) that still uses the old API and will work on FMP 10. You can download a copy of 1.1 for Mac or Windows.

The plugin comes as a 32 and 64 bit, so will run under FileMaker Server and in FileMaker Pro. On windows there are two versions, but for the Mac it is a universal binary.

Version 3.0 was the last release to run under Windows XP. You can download a version of 3.0.1 32bit here.

Prices and Licencing

Free to use

There are no licence fees or restrictions on the plugin, you can use as many copies of it as you want on as many machines as you want. It's available for Mac and Windows and all functions work equally on both platforms. It doesn't require any registration and there are no unlock codes.

Free to extend

The BaseElements plugin is also open source, meaning it's free to adapt and extend to your own desires. You can take the source code and add or remove functions, rename it and re-compile to your own specifications.

The code is hosted on its github source repository.


Full Documentation of all the functions are available here :


The plugin is distributed using the "New BSD License". Basically this means you are free to share, copy, distribute and transmit this work, and you're free to adapt it to your own projects. You can't call any derived products "BaseElements" or state that they're endorsed by Goya. And you must retain the copyright and licence in any source code you distribute and reproduce them in documentation for binary distributions.

If you'd like to use it for some other purpose, or in another way please contact us.

A better explanation, including links to the full licence and legal code is available on the creative commons website.

Sponsorship and Paid Support

There is a sponsorship option available that lets you a support ongoing development of the plugin, and access technical support. This is an annual fee ( $199 for a single user or one person company, and $399 for a larger organisation ). There is no obligation to take this up, even if you subscribe, you still don't need to register the plugin, we will continue to open source all of the code, and there will not be a paid version that is different from the free one.

Sponsors have access to :

  • A dropbox share of every released version of the plugin with instant updates.
  • Access to the sponsor only support channel for questions about integration and use, and bug reporting.
  • Access to test versions of new releases.
  • Any plugin dependent FileMaker code, starting with the Xero code, along with a licence to integrate it in any of their own projects for free, again with no registration.
  • A say in what functions will be added in the future, and the ability to suggest new functionality.
  • A warm fuzzy feeling that you're supporting something that all FileMaker developers can benefit from.

Single developer subscription - $199 Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by BlueSnap

Company subscription - $399 Secure Online Payments and Credit Card Processing by BlueSnap


We do not provide free technical support or implementation help with the plugin. If you have questions and do not have a paid sponsorship, we suggest you try one of the online FileMaker forums such as TechNet. Sponsors will be sent access details to the paid support forum when they subscribe.

For technical issues related to the programming or build of the plugin, use the GitHub issues pages.

If you're having a plugin related issue with one of our products, there are specific product related support pages for BaseElements, RefreshFM and RESTfm.