Excel for FileMaker

Complete access to Excel for both read and write, including formatting and calculations.

This plugin is based on the LibXL library, so the functionality is identical to that, and the documentation available is the same. We’ve mapped the plugin functions to the LibXL functions.

Currently available as a Mac and Windows only.


GoyaFMXL for Mac  Version 1.5.0 Code Signed

GoyaFMXL For Windows 64bit  Version 1.5.0. Code Signed.

GoyaFMXL For Windows 32bit  Version 1.0.4 – no longer building new releases for 32 bit. 

Demo File including sample code.

The download does not need registering, but while it’s unregistered, it will add a trial notice to any file you create using the plugin.  Once registered, this notice goes away.


Coming soon…

Although we will put together documentation for the plugin, at present we haven’t completed it.

While we’re writing up the documentation, the best way to understand the plugin is to download the demo file linked above, it has working code in it that you can copy and paste into your own solution.

On top of that refer to the LibXL documentation on their website.  Every function there will have a matching FileMaker plugin function that has the same functionality.

Purchase Links

Coming soon…


Pricing is per developer implementing the plugin in their solution.  $399 per annum for a Single Developer Licence.  Contact us if you’d like to purchase